Wilmot Elementary School opened in 1962 as the only elementary school in Evergreen with Riley Scott as Principal. At that time, Wilmot served kindergarten through sixth grade. Over the years, the Evergreen population grew and other elementary schools were opened. In 1999, most of the original Wilmot school building was demolished, with construction of the new school building completed in August 2000.

Wilmot Elementary currently serves students from kindergarten through fifth grade. Matt Cormier joined Wilmot in the fall of 2014 as Wilmot's principal. Starting in August 2012, Wilmot Preschool moved into the main school building with Pat Doverspike serving as Preschool Director.

History of the Wilmot Family in Evergreen

Dwight Porter Wilmot established the Wilmot family in Evergreen about 1875-1880 and distinguished himself and the Wilmot name through his pioneering efforts and community leadership. Among the influences Mr. Wilmot had on this area was that of providing it with the name "Evergreen." D.P. and his wife, Libbie, had a son and daughter. The son never married and so ended the Wilmot name in Evergreen. The daughter married into another prominent Evergreen family, the Herzmans. D.P. Wilmot was the president of the Evergreen School Board in the 1920s and was posthumously honored as the namesake for our school when it was dedicated in 1962.

The Little Old Schoolhouse

old schoolhouseWe are fortunate to have an authentic piece of Evergreen history in the front yard of our school. Following is the history of our little schoolhouse, as quoted from the book, Evergreen, Colorado, by Mary Helen Crain (1969).

"The little old schoolhouse was built in 1877 by Selim Vezina and Antoine Roy on the Vezina Ranch at Buffalo Park. Mrs. Caroline Riel Vezina, daughter-in-law of Selim, recognized its historical value; and when the family ranch was sold in 1948, she had it moved log by log and placed next to her home, but with the stipulation that she retain ownership of the schoolhouse until such time as she could find someone to take it and guarantee its preservation.

The Evergreen Woman's Club requested this responsibility. Mrs. Vezina, herself a member of the Club for many years, enthusiastically agreed.

To assure permanency, by agreement with the Jefferson County R-1 School District, the building was placed on school property. Technically and legally the school is the responsibility of the Evergreen Woman's Club, but it really belongs to the community - a memorial to the pioneer days."

Nowadays, second grade students from around the Evergreen area visit our old schoolhouse as a part of their Pioneer Studies.

"Meeting of Like Minds" Sculpture

This beautiful piece of artwork greets students and visitors to Wilmot Elementary School. It was donated in September 2000 by community members, Bob and Cynthia Benson, together with Art for the Mountain Community. This six-foot statue was composed of 1/2 inch laser-cut iron. We are deeply thankful to the Benson's for their generosity and Art for the Mountain Community who facilitated bringing this sculpture to Wilmot.


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