Staff List


Please remember that staff members may not be able to easily check voice mail during the instructional day. Leave urgent messages with the office staff at


Staff Directory

Name Position Voice Mail Email
Angell, Kristi Cafeteria Aide
Askinazy, Danielle ESL 303-982-8350
Benton, Linda 1st Grade 303-982-8292
Cavin, Kelly  Paraprofessional, ISP
Centeno, Kris Special Ed 303-982-0228
Clark, Tiffany Occupational Therapist 303-982-8003
Cormier, Matt Principal 303-982-2811
DeBonis, Nick 3rd Grade 303-982-5338
Doverspike, Pat Preschool Director 303-982-5361
Dusatko, Jessica Para - Kinder
Fritz, Stephany Special Ed 303-982-5328
Golden, Linda Para - Kindergarden
Goodnight, Caroline Special Ed 303-982-5390
Goslau, Jennifer 4th Grade 303-982-5368
Grall, Kelly Speech/Language 303-982-4498
Harger, Laurie Para
Jacques-Bonneau, Paula G/T Resource Teacher 303-982-0258
Jeffres, Susan Library 303-982-5326
Karford, Holly 5th Grade 303-982-4872
Knopf, Cody Cafeteria Manager
Krzanowsky, Sarah  Enrollment Secretary 303-982-5370
Langowski, Kathleen 4th Grade 303-982-5348
Lantz, Abigale Music
Lindmeier, Sarah Instructional Coach 303-982-3071
Lehmkuhl, Derek Facilities Manager 303-982-5364
Manley, Kristin Kindergarten 303-982-5382
Marcus, Liz Art 303-982-5362
McMenamin, Sylvie P.E. 303-982-5369
Mitchell, Kristin 2nd Grade 303-982-7421
Proctor, Amy  Paraprofessional
Schwecke, Beth  Kindergarden 
Stoll, Kristen  District Nurse 303-982-4370
Swain, Betty Para
Thompson, Joni Health Room Aide 303-982-5370
Thurling, Sonya 1st Grade 303-982-5357
Vaughn, Frances  2nd Grade
Vermeulen, Amy 3rd Grade/GT Teacher Liaison 303-982-5374
Weaver, Jackie Principal's Secy 303-982-5345
Weedman, Jonathan Instrumental Music 303-982-9388
Whitney, Kristin 5th Grade 303-982-9636
Yoho, Lindsey Social Worker 303-982-1538